Masterclass Offshore Wind Asset Management for South Korean Developer

Head of Offshore Development Korea within an Offshore Wind division requested us to provide a masterclass in offshore wind asset management at its South Korean office in Seoul. Targeted audience was everyone active within its offshore wind development department.

The entry knowledge level was a general understanding of industrial project development where several members did have experience with engineering and/or project management in offshore wind. 

Targeted knowledge level was to increase understanding on:

  • offshore wind assets, Project Phases, Elements of Asset Management, O&M Strategies, O&M Stakeholders,
  • how to plan for a vertical startup and realize operational readiness during the development phase of an offshore wind project,
  • how to optimize operational performance of an offshore windfarm during early development phases.

The masterclass was scheduled at the beginning of regular working days and the tailored content was divided over several days. Each block was finalized by an exercise to allow the participants to adopt the gathered knowledge.

Some responses from participants, received through the feedback form:
”Composition of training material is well arranged”

”I created better understanding on the differences between O&M strategies”

”very useful to understand the overall asset management considerations, practices were also very useful”

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