vdb ENERGY Asset Management

the energy transition!

Together with vdb ENERGY Asset Management, you will realize the professionalization of asset management in renewable energy projects. We realize substantial reduction of ‘levelized costs of energy’ in all asset life-cycle phases. This ultimately makes renewable energy as the primary source to fulfill energy demand.

Drs.-Ing. Guido van den Belt


Resource limitations caused by regional demographic trends, supply chain restrictions and climate impact regulation challenge our competences more than ever before. Asset owners require therefore systematic support in their approach for transition towards performance excellence.


vdb ENERGY is the supply chain reference for transformation towards world class lifecycle asset performance.


Provide excellent services throughout the supply chain, that most effectively build-up capabilities that do realize the required transformation.

– Services –

Let clients outperform their own benchmark by engaging potential, creating flow in organisations, and connecting supply chains through individual process definition, organisational development, and supply chain incentives.

& Training

Energizing high-potential employees, by excellent workshops & trainings on tools & methods.

• Understand the theoretical framework.
• Practice tools & methods, using industry specific examples.
• Support and optimize the application in your day to day working environment.

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Reduced throughput time by creating flow in serving customer demand, by business case driven performance improvement programs.

Our unique approach starts with an agreement on objectives, mapping the core process and simplifying your performance dashboard. We help you master your challenges and take control using your existing management system.

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Outperform the industry with your supply chains, using tailored incentive concepts.

• We jointly identify the asset scope.
• Valuate the supply chain potential.
• Challenge performance benchmarks.
• Construct the tailored asset management service that harvest supply chain potential.

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